If you want to get in touch outside of this blog, you can email me at

And if you want to connect on other social media platforms:

  • My Instagram handle is gabrielle_upsewlate
  • On The Foldline I'm GabrielleUpSewLate
  • I'm gabc on PatternReview
  • On Kollabora I'm Gabrielle, and
  • I'm gabcorb on BurdaStyle

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I love your blog read it every time you post. Just wanted to tell you for some reason most of the time, I am unable to post comments that area is non-existant. I've tried everything my phone, desktop, enabling cookies, disabling and enabling cookies, updating my browser , using different browsers etc. nothing has worked the comment section is just gone..., anyway...just thought you should know in case it's something on your end. I still keep up, even if I can't comment. Greetings and great sewing, Ines


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